About YWAM Immerse Cornwall

YWAM Immerse Cornwall was established in 2017 with the vision to be a platform to the nations, we are called to embrace all generations into a deeper relationship with God and release them into their missional call.

It began with two families with a vision to see missionary teams coming to and from Cornwall. Since then the team has grown, bringing the nations to serve in the county of Cornwall. Our team can be found near the town of Redruth.

YWAM Immerse Cornwall is part of Youth With A Mission international.

Life at YWAM Immerse Cornwall

Our values

A global movement


A core ministry of YWAM Immerse Cornwall is running training programmes. The Discipleship Training School creates a platform to better equip those who want to grow deeper in their relationship with God and reach out to the world around them.

Local Ministry

We are passionate about serving and connecting with local churches and ministries. We currently serve through youth ministries and supporting church ministries within Cornwall. Through our own training programmes and the hosting of visiting outreach teams we are able to connect them into local church ministries during their time with us.

About Cornwall

Cornwall, a small county in the South West of England. Once a thriving county of mining, today it is well known for its; beautiful beaches, mining history, stunning wildlife, delicious delicacies, small quirky fishing villages and its fresh produce. It’s a very popular tourist destination, where thousands of people flock down every year during the summer season to make the most of the beaches and beautiful countryside.

Over the past few centuries Cornwall had a rich spiritual history with the church exploding through John Wesley’s Methodist movement and many other missionaries who journeyed down here. As YWAM Immerse Cornwall we believe God is on the move to bring a new revival to this county. We have seen great unity amongst the churches and ministries within Cornwall and are excited to be working shoulder to shoulder with the body of Christ in Cornwall.