Immerse Discipleship Training School

September 2021


The Immerse Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 6 1/2 month training program aiming to bring young people into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, for many it is a transformational season of discovering their identity in Christ. You will dive deeper into knowing the word of God, discovering Gods character and his overwhelming love for you.

The Lecture Phase

The first 3 months of DTS is lecture phase. You will live, work and learn in the heart of Cornwall. You will grow deeper in your relationship with God, gaining a better knowledge and understanding of his word and his character. Every week you will go through different topics; hearing Gods voice, the nature and character of God, missions, the bible. Not only will you learn more about God through lectures but by; living in community, local outreaches, partnering with local churches, regular worship and intercession and immersing yourself into Cornish culture.

The Outreach Phase

The next 3 months of DTS is the outreach phase, as a team you will go overseas to apply what you have learnt during the lecture phase. You will serve them through evangelism, supporting local churches and intercession. During outreach you will meet both peoples spiritual needs and physical needs, equipping them to know God more but also supporting them through other needs, you will be sharing the heart of Jesus as you minister to people across different cultures.

DTS Dates
Arrival Date
11th - 12th September 2021
Lecture Phase
13th September 2021 - 17th December 2021
Outreach Phase
18th December 2021 - 4th March 2022
5th - 6th March 2022
Cost £4750
Lecture Phase
Outreach Phase
£1500 *
* Outreach fee does not include Visa's, vaccinations (if required for outreach location) and airfares


If you do not have a UK or European passport you will need a visa. Once you apply for the DTS we will contact you regarding any visa requirements or you can send us an email using our contact form to ask any questions.

Some important points

  • Do not buy flights before your visa is accepted.
  • Visa application time can take up to 3 months.

The 6 month lecture phase will include weekly teachings where part of the day is devoted to classroom time. You will also have a small group and a personal mentor where you will be able to process what God is doing in your life in the school.

On the DTS we also value a live learn environment. You will have a work duty. You can also expect a lot of fun on the DTS we love living life together so there will be times of worship, prayer and times to socialise together.

As part of the 6 months we will also be having ministry weeks where will be working alongside local churches and ministries to serve in the county.

It is important to pack light. When you go on your outreach phase you will need to be able to carry everything you. We also can’t guarantee smooth roads for suitcases so a backpack is essential.

Important items to bring include

  • Bible
  • Notebook for classroom notes
  • Photo of your family, this will be invaluable on outreach as people will love to hear about your family and where you come from.
  • Clothes for both cold and warm weather.
  • Something smart (casual formal) to wear (there will be a graduation at the end of the school).
  • Make sure you don’t forget your passport.

The YWAM DTS outreach phase will be in an overseas location. Outreaches will typically involve evangelism, mercy ministry and training. Actual ministry involvement will depend on the outreach location and ministry that you work with. The outreach will also involve some of the weekly rhythms established in the lecture phase such as worship and prayer.

You will be living at the YWAM house in Cornwall where you will be staying in a shared room with other trainees. The YWAM house is a couple of miles outside of Redruth, our closest town which has a few shops and cafés. The city of Truro is a little further away and has a lot more high street shops and a beautiful cathedral.

Though the YWAM house is in a rural setting you can easily get around during your free time on the local bus network. There are also many beautiful places to take walks and explore the country side and the local beaches.

Click here to see where we are on Google Maps

You can apply fully online. Give yourself about 1 hr to fill in the application form (though you can save it and complete later if you need to).

You will need to have the email address for 3 referees (Pastor/Spiritual Leader, Teacher/Employer and a Mature Christian Friend).

Once you’ve submitted your application and we’ve received all of your references and registration fee we will process your application. You will receive a response within a few days. If you are non-european and require a visa we will issue a visa letter and give you instructions on applying for your visa. Please allow a minimum of 3 months for your visa application process.

This section explains the financial costs of attending this school. Please note that all fees are payable in British Pounds ONLY.

Lecture and Outreach:

Our costs covers amongst other things, all food & accommodation, trainee registration with the University of the Nations, special events, training costs, speaker expenses, ministry costs and local travel costs during lecture phase and all ground fees for outreach. Outreach travel which varies greatly in price depending on the outreach location. We may use buses, trains, boats or airplanes to get to our outreach locations. Our Outreach Visa cost varies depending on your nationality and the outreach location. Our Outreach Vaccination cost will vary depending on the outreach locations and what vaccinations you already have. It is usually cheaper and easier to obtain the recommended vaccinations in your home country – see the vaccination form below.

Due Dates for Payment

1. Due with Application: Registration fee £50 (Non-Refundable) this covers all application admin fees.

2. To confirm acceptance on DTS: 10% of lecture phase fees is required as a deposit, which contributes towards your overall lecture/local outreach phase fees. (Please note this is non-refundable, apart from in the instance of a visa being denied.)

3. Lecture/Local Outreach Phase: The full amount for the lecture/local outreach phase is due prior to the start date of the School that you will be attending. (Please allow 3 business days for funds to transfer.)

4. Week 8 (Lecture topic 5): Outreach Airfares & Visa Fees become payable as soon as tickets to your outreach location are ready to be purchased.

5. Week 14 (Lecture topic 8): Remaining outreach fees are due.

6. Full payment of all fees is required to be able to graduate from the School.

If you do not have the resources from which to pay your fees in full upon arrival you MUST discuss this with the school leader once you have been accepted at the earliest opportunity BEFORE coming to the school. Trainees who have not done this and who arrive here without all their fees will not be admitted into the School and will have to return home immediately.


This is a guide for the time period and relevant amount of refund if you leave the school before it is finished.

*100% in instance of a visa denial

Prior to the first class session*: 90% During the fourth week of classes: 60%
During the first week of classes: 85% During the fifth week of classes: 50%
During the second week of classes: 80% Beyond the fifth week of classes: 0%
During the third week of classes: 70%

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