Life @ YWAM Immerse Cornwall

Life in Community

As a ministry location of Youth With A Mission we greatly value community. Many of our team live together in a community house, sharing in meals and responsibilities for the property. The YWAM house is presently our centre for operations, where we host outreach teams and those who come to be part of our training programs and have our team meeting and time of worship and prayer.

Where are we?

YWAM Immerse Cornwall is located in the Southwest of England, surrounded by nature, beaches, cliffs, and by such lovely and warm people. It’s a very popular tourist destination, where thousands of people flock down every year during the summer season to make the most of the beaches and beautiful countryside. The architecture is amazing! Cornwall is rich in history and culture, small villages and the Engine Houses can take you back to past time.


Based upon God’s Word and who He is, we take Worship seriously. We are called to praise and worship God alone, understanding that we are a community dedicated to putting God first through regular and creative worship. As a good way to start our week, on Mondays morning as a community, we take time to celebrate who God is and seek Him together.


Practicing intercession is part of us. We believe we are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people, nations and causes in God’s heart. Prayer is powerful, and we prioritize setting apart times and spaces to pray together every Wednesday. We have seen so many miracles happen, and God’s moving in different ways. God listens to His people and loves to answer their prayers.


Our heart is to serve and to steward our properties in Cornwall. Once a week, as a team we get together to work to maintain our garden, inside and outside of our YWAM house as a way to honour God for His goodness.

Serving the local church

We love serving and working along side the local churches and ministries. All of our staff members attend and serve the churches regularly, because we believe that everyone should be part of a local community to grow in faith and to build together the Kingdom of God. YWAM is just a missionary institution that we are part of, but the Kingdom of God is all of us together.

An International Team

The mix of cultures in our team brings a lot of life (and laughter). We love to celebrate the nations, the cultures, the languages, the food, people and above all God, who created all of it. We work together and also we like to have fun together and to spend time intentionally with one another.

Growing as a community

Community life provides a bunch of opportunities to grow in relationship with God and with others. One of the most fundamental things is to have a servant heart to learn new things. We grow as we go. People have discovered their gifts and talents serving in places from the office to the garden, preaching to singing…

Besides that we create among us a safe place that everyone can feel comfortable and at home.

All of this is part of who we are and part of being a YWAMer in Cornwall.