15 April 2024

The Internship at YWAM Immerse Cornwall is a where you can join our team for 3 months up to 6 months with an optional Summer Outreach. It will give you a taste of being part of our missions community where you will serve with our team alongside our local churches and ministries.

As a community we are passionate about growing deeper in our relationship with God and seeing how He wants to use us in our gifts and skills. The Internship will give you opportunity to explore your calling and could even be a step towards a longer call to missions.

The internship is open for everyone, whether you’ve done a DTS or not!

Already completed a DTS and want to join us as staff instead? Get in touch to find out more about staff opportunities.


We have 3 focuses that you might want to be part of during your internship.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific focus. There’s plenty to be involved in with our local ministries.

English Language

In this area you will be receiving support classes and conversational partners to help you improve your English and be able to get immersed in our different local ministries and churches, where you will be able to practise your english. You will need to have intermediate level or advanced english to be in this area.


Through this area you will be immersing into supporting our pottery ministry, our local dance group with the opportunity of doing outreach and also you will be serving through worship.


This is an area where you will be developing your skills to serve the base and also some of our local churches or key events.


Our internship begins in April. After the April Internship you can also stay for the Summer Outreach here in Cornwall.

The Summer Outreach

Our passion is to work with our local community, because of that, we work alongside Creation Fest, an evangelistic festival held in Cornwall. We volunteer in a variety of areas, such as stewarding, cafe barista, filmmaking, skating, etc, so any skill that you have I promise you it will be needed.

After Creation Fest, we help in Newquay in a cafe church that serves a lot of people though different areas, serving, cleaning dishes, chef, interceding, being part of the prayer room, etc..

We have seen God moving so much in people’s lives, so come and join us and be part of making a difference in other people’s lives.

Dates & COSTS

April Internship
15 Apr - 12 July 2024
Summer Outreach
22 July - 12 Aug 2024
April Internship
Summer Outreach

If staying for the full time there will be an additional charge for the weeks between internships and summer outreach.

29 March – 14 April: £200

12 July – 22 July: £200