You may know lots of information from the bible or you may just be starting out on knowing God’s word but mediating on, in and with the word positions you to know God and take possession of his promises as you pursue of the goals God gives you in life in all the spheres.

“Blessed is the one………whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.“ Ps1:1-2

This course was developed as a mentoring process that would establish and strengthen an approach to the scriptures that lets them live (Heb. 4:12). That is, we come to the Bible text to hear from Him, the Living Word. We emphasize personal application rather than pursing, for example, metaphysics, systematic theology, or philosophical speculation.

A leading elder does most of the teaching, drawing on the time-honored tradition of being mentored by an established teacher and leader. An epistemology that specifically believes in and practices daily the importance of being taught by divine relational revelation is adhered to and practiced. The primary methods are written questions about the passage we are considering, daily written answers by each student, meditation, worship, personal prayer, and a Socratic classroom climate where the leader guides by asking questions to stimulate deeper understanding, universal participation by the students, and active response to what God is saying.

Course Leaders

Jim Stier
United States

Jim Stier, together with his wife Pam, is the founder of Youth With A Mission in Brazil( A.K.A JOCUM) and has also served the mission as a leader of Frontier Missions and as president and chairman of YWAM International. Currently Jim is a member of the Founder’s Circle and active in leadership training around the world. Jim and Pam live in Curitiba, Brazil.

Sandra Jones

Young at heart Sandra joined YWAM in Jan 2020. She has a passion for Jesus, the presence of God and spiritual reality. She’s experienced in bringing the prophetic, healing and restoration into people’s lives. Previously as a local church minister she’s served with; youth, students with Fusion, City Church Leaders, local Government Leaders and ministered locally, nationally and internationally. She’s a young widow with two grown up children.

Course Content

During Seminar, you will discover the revealed story of God through the book of Galatians. The staff’s prepares questions beforehand to help the students stop, slow down and really look at what is written. Individually the students will read the questions and meditate on the implications. Using scripture, they ask the Lord what he would like to teach them through that verse. After spending four hours on the text and questions we have class. Jim Stier, the founder of YWAM Brazil, leads the class as a spiritual elder mentoring the students in a journey of biblical revelation.